MPA: Mandatory Release Windows Could Exacerbate Piracy


MPA: Mandatory Release Windows Could Exacerbate Piracy

Over recent decades, theatrical movie release windows have shrunk significantly around the world. In France, however, movie fans still have to wait more than a year before they can stream the latest blockbusters. The MPA flags this mandatory release window as a potential trade barrier, with the potential make piracy even worse.

broken windowThe Motion Picture Association (MPA) represents several of the world’s largest movie industry companies.

Traditionally its members were restricted to top Hollywood studios such as Disney and Warner Bros, but three years ago streaming giant Netflix joined the exclusive club.

The newcomer hasn’t changed the MPA’s main goal of protecting its members’ content from piracy. The MPA is the driving force behind the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment which tackles copyright infringement globally on behalf of dozens of major rightsholders, Netflix included.

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