MPA & IPR Center Tackle ‘Holiday’ Piracy With New PSA Campaign


MPA & IPR Center Tackle ‘Holiday’ Piracy With New PSA Campaign

The U.S. Government’s Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPRCenter) has teamed up with the MPA to launch a new anti-piracy campaign. Through public service announcements, they hope to deter the seasonal holiday piracy spike by highlighting malware threats and other harms.

stream safelyIn recent years copyright holders have tried many things to dissuade the public from visiting pirate websites.

Simply stating that piracy is illegal doesn’t appear to work very well, so this type of messaging often tries to appeal to other emotions.

For example, anti-piracy campaigns frequently stress that piracy hurts normal workers as it costs the entertainment industry thousands of jobs. Another strategy is to scare the public directly, by pointing out the ills people may encounter on pirate sites.

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