MPA: Google’s Delisting of Thousands of Pirate Sites Works


MPA: Google’s Delisting of Thousands of Pirate Sites Works

The MPA has teamed up with Google to remove pirate site domain names from search results in countries where these are already blocked by ISPs. No court has ordered Google to take action but the company is voluntarily complying with “no-fault” ISP injunctions. According to the MPA, this delisting of pirate sites is an effective tool in the fight against online piracy.

google pirate bayEarlier this year, we noticed that Google had removed several popular pirate sites from its search results.

In the Netherlands, for example, The Pirate Bay and many of its mirrors and proxies were delisted by Google in response to a notice sent by local anti-piracy group BREIN.

Later, we learned that similar requests were being sent to Google by movie company representatives in other countries. In response, Google removed thousands of URLs from its search engine in countries such as France, Norway, and the UK. In all cases, the domains were already blocked by ISPs following a court order.

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