‘Movie-Web’ Domain Shut Down By Hollywood Complaint


‘Movie-Web’ Domain Shut Down By Hollywood Complaint

Open source movie streaming project Movie-Web has lost its public-facing demo site. The domain name was seemingly suspended by registrar Namecheap, following a complaint from several major movie studios. The developers have no intention of fighting back, but the app’s code remains available on GitHub for others to use.

movie webIn recent months, Movie-Web has quickly gained popularity among a particular group of movie aficionados.

The open source software, which is still available on GitHub, allows anyone to set up a movie search engine capable of streaming content from third-party sources. These external sources tend to have large libraries of pirated entertainment.

Movie-Web’s developers are not oblivious to the legal ramifications but since they don’t host any files, they hoped to avoid legal trouble. The software just provides a search engine for third-party content, they argued.

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