More Than 20,000 Pirate Sites Are Blocked By ISPs Around the Globe


More Than 20,000 Pirate Sites Are Blocked By ISPs Around the Globe

The Motion Picture Association has provided a fresh overview of global pirate site-blocking efforts, which now span over 20,000 sites. Blocking measures have expanded to 39 countries in recent years, with the United States remaining the key absentee. The lack of US participation is partly due to a shortcoming in US copyright law, which lacks a carve-out for no-fault injunctions.

blocking siteOver the years, copyright holders have tried a multitude of measures to curb online piracy, with varying levels of success.

Site blocking has emerged as one of the preferred solutions. While blocking measures are not bulletproof, the general idea is that they pose a large enough hurdle for casual pirates to choose legal options instead.

The blocking approach was very controversial at the start of the last decade but it’s increasingly being normalized. Dozens of countries have legal or procedural options to request blockades today. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has been the driving force behind many of these blockades and, in a recent webinar, the group revealed the global scale of this endeavor.

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