Mega Reports Surge in Copyright Takedown Requests


Mega Reports Surge in Copyright Takedown Requests

Mega is one of the leading file storage platforms on the Internet with more than 117 billion files stored on its servers. Given this scale, it is no surprise that these files include some infringing content. During the first quarter of 2022, Mega reported a significant increase in copyright takedown requests, targeting more than a million links.

megaA year after Megaupload was shut down, Kim Dotcom launched a brand new file-hosting service called Mega.

In the years that followed the New Zealand-based entrepreneur cut his ties with the company but Mega continued to expand.

The platform, which has a strong privacy focus, is now the go-to file storage platform for millions of people. Most of these users store perfectly legitimate files on Mega but like many other services of its kind, it’s being abused by pirates as well.

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