MarkMonitor Wants to Keep Court Transcript Away From “Pro-Piracy” Forces


MarkMonitor Wants to Keep Court Transcript Away From “Pro-Piracy” Forces

MarkMonitor has asked a Florida federal court to destroy or permanently seal documents discussing its anti-piracy systems. The information could be beneficial to “pro-piracy” forces, MarkMonitor fears. The documents are part of a now-settled lawsuit between record labels and ISP Bright House. Interestingly, the destruction request piqued the interest of another ISP: Cox.

markmonitorFor more than a decade, anti-piracy company MarkMonitor has been a trusted partner of the major record labels.

Among other things, the company provided evidence and testimony for the piracy lawsuit against Internet provider Bright House that was settled two weeks ago.

Shortly after the settlement was announced, MarkMonitor asked the court to make sure that sensitive evidence doesn’t see the light of day. The company notes that, among other things, a recent hearing transcript discusses sensitive details about its anti-piracy detection system.

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