Man Arrested Following “Large Scale” Pirate IPTV Investigation


Man Arrested Following “Large Scale” Pirate IPTV Investigation

UK police are reporting the arrest of a 43-year-old man as part of a “large-scale” TV piracy investigation. Officers from Yorkshire and Humber Regional Organised Crime Unit teamed up with South Yorkshire Police to execute warrants on Tuesday. The arrest arrives in the wake of stronger-than-usual rumors that police were preparing to hit pirate IPTV entities during the World Cup.

arrest-iptvIn a country where more than 770 burglaries go unsolved every day, it’s no surprise that some people consider free Sky streams the least of the UK’s worries.

If the topic was switched to fraud, opinions would likely be quite different, and herein lies the problem. In 2022, piracy might form the basis of an investigation, but more often than not, fraud, money laundering, and other serious charges are the outcome.

Not everyone can afford Sky TV, so it’s no surprise that pirate set-top boxes are so popular. It’s a trend Sky is determined to reverse in partnership with the police.

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