‘Make VPN Detection Tools Mandatory to Fight Geo-Piracy’


‘Make VPN Detection Tools Mandatory to Fight Geo-Piracy’

The US Copyright Office’s inquiry on the option to add mandatory copyright protection measures in the DMCA has led to some interesting responses. They include a suggestion to add “VPN detection” tools to prevent people from engaging in “geo-piracy”. This request, unsurprisingly, comes from a company that offers a VPN detection service.

blockedThe United States is actively exploring options to update copyright law to bring it into line with the current online environment.

Most recently, the Copyright Office is looking into the option of making certain standard technical measures (STMs) mandatory for online platforms. This could include upload filters to block pirated content from being reuploaded.

The current DMCA already provides an option to formally adopt STMs but that requires “broad consensus” among online services, which hasn’t been reached over the past two decades. Instead, many online platforms have developed their own in-house tools, such as YouTube’s Content ID system.

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