Lithuania’s €140 Piracy ‘Fines’ Will Pay Off, Lawyer Says


Lithuania’s €140 Piracy ‘Fines’ Will Pay Off, Lawyer Says

In an effort to tackle online piracy, Lithuania has started issuing fines to online pirates. Thus far, fifty people have been handed a €140 fine, mostly for sharing pirated movies on the private torrent tracker Linkomanija. According to a local lawyer, these measures will reduce piracy, but traffic to the country’s largest torrent site seems unaffected.

While streaming piracy dominates in many parts of the world, quite a few Lithuanians prefer sharing content using BitTorrent instead.

Private torrent tracker Linkomanija is often the top choice. The site has been around for two decades and has weathered many storms, including a high-profile lawsuit from Microsoft.

The tracker’s users have also been called out repeatedly. Fourteen years ago, local anti-piracy outfit LANVA reported the IP-addresses of 106 Linkomanija users to the police with a request to take action. In response, the tracker’s operator reported the anti-piracy group to the police for illegally accessing its tracker.

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