Korean Piracy Giant Noonoo TV Shuts Down Citing Banwidth Costs & Pressure


Korean Piracy Giant Noonoo TV Shuts Down Citing Banwidth Costs & Pressure

One month ago, South Korean movie and TV show piracy platform Noonoo TV was riding the crest of a wave along with tens of millions of dedicated fans. A few hours ago, the site shocked its users by shutting itself down. A statement in Korean first lays the blame on “outrageous” bandwidth charges but it seems that extraordinary anti-piracy pressure was the reason behind the site’s demise.

noonoo-logoSmash hit movies and TV shows such as Parasite and Squid Game, coupled with the unprecedented success of boy band BTS, have helped to cement South Korea as a major player on the global entertainment map.

Success for Korean entertainment companies carries the same pros and cons as it does for those in the West. More exposure, more sales, greater opportunities and, somewhat inevitably, more piracy.

That led to an announcement last month that broadcasters, including KBS, MBC and JTBC, the Korea Film and Video Copyright Association (film producers and distributors), plus streaming platforms TVING and Wavve, were forming a coalition to fight piracy. These companies took on board the ‘stronger together’ philosophy of the global anti-piracy coalition ACE, and reports suggested that ACE itself would also be a part of the Korean program.

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