Kim Dotcom Took on a Pro-Ukraine Meme Group & Got Utterly Shitposted


Kim Dotcom Took on a Pro-Ukraine Meme Group & Got Utterly Shitposted

Kim Dotcom’s hatred for United States policies is an integral part of his online persona and the reason for his current placement on the anti-American side of the Ukraine conflict. But while Dotcom has held off the US Government for more than a decade, he proved no match for anti-Russian propaganda shitposting meme group NAFO.

nafo-dotcom1Following the Twitter account of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom every single day for the last ten years is a requirement for keeping up to date with the largest copyright infringement case of all time.

It’s also pretty depressing, not to mention exhausting. Copyright law has always been controversial, but rarely this political or to these depths.

Dotcom’s association with massively successful tech platforms and his ability to inspire positivity among certain sections of the tech community has largely given way to a quagmire of anti-American politics generously dipped in conspiracy theories. Or, depending on perspective, the hidden truth that ‘they’ don’t want you to know about. Dotcom was hit hard by the US Government and he’s been trying to return the favor for more than a decade.

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