ISP’s Dynamic Injunction Fears Fail to Prevent Lookmovie & Flixtor Blocking


ISP’s Dynamic Injunction Fears Fail to Prevent Lookmovie & Flixtor Blocking

While many ISPs in Europe were initially opposed to pirate site-blocking measures, anti-censorship and free-flow of information ideals have long since given way to resignation and, in some cases, full cooperation. In the Netherlands, ISP KPN went up against BREIN recently, citing concerns over its application for a shape-shifting dynamic injunction. KPN couldn’t prevent Lookmovie and Flixtor from being blocked but the discussion was one worth having.

finger in damAfter well over a decade of pushing back against pirate site blocking applications, many European ISPs now see little value in putting up a fight.

Earlier confirmation from Europe’s highest court, that site-blocking injunctions are legal when they proportionately protect third-party rights, is one of the key reasons for not contesting blocking applications today. In the Netherlands, where ISPs have a strong tradition of resisting site blocking injunctions, a recent application for a dynamic, shape-shifting blockade prompted ISP KPN into action.

In common with similar groups everywhere, Dutch anti-piracy BREIN is a proponent of site-blocking as part of an overall anti-piracy toolkit. The problem BREIN faces is a growing tendency for pirate sites to shift to new domains or receive assistance from proxy and mirror sites, in response to static site-blocking measures targeting specific domains.

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