IPTV Pirates Who Lost $90m Lawsuit Lose Another Worth $130m


IPTV Pirates Who Lost $90m Lawsuit Lose Another Worth $130m

Former operators of pirate IPTV service SetTV were previously ordered to pay $90 million in damages after losing a DISH Network piracy lawsuit. A second lawsuit ensued when DISH discovered that the men had violated an injunction by launching a new pirate platform called ExpediteTV. That lawsuit has now concluded with a second injunction attached to a $130 million damages award.

IPTVAfter suing the operators of pirate IPTV service SetTV in 2018, the very same year broadcaster DISH Network walked away with a significant victory.

Platform operators Nelson Johnson and Jason LaBossiere were ordered to pay DISH a cool $90 million in damages for violations of the Federal Communications Act. The court also issued a permanent injunction that prohibited the men from operating a similar IPTV service in the future, if that breached DISH’s rights. Things didn’t stay peaceful for long.

In March 2022, DISH, Sling TV and NagraStar teamed up in a new lawsuit targeting former SetTV owners Jason LaBossiere, Sean Beaman, and Stefan Gollner. Filed in a Florida court, the complaint alleged that the three men were back in the IPTV business, this time under the brands ExpediteTV, Mundo TV, and Must TV.

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