IFPI & MPA Oppose ‘New Safe Harbors’ in Digital Services Act


IFPI & MPA Oppose ‘New Safe Harbors’ in Digital Services Act

The European Council’s adoption this week of the General Approach on the Digital Services Act has been met with disappointment by a coalition of rightsholders including IFPI and the MPA. Their concerns include the introduction of a “safe harbor” for search engines and the apparent detachment of due diligence obligations from liability for infringing content.

EU CopyrightIn an effort to keep up with a rapidly changing online environment, the European Commission has adopted various legislative changes to tackle piracy.

Notable examples include the Copyright Directive passed in 2019 and the Digital Services Act, which was unveiled in 2020.

In common with all complex pieces of legislation, the final text will probably fall short in meeting everyone’s demands but at the moment, interested parties are doing whatever they can to ensure that their interests are taken care of. Rapid copyright takedowns, trusted flaggers, and other types of enforcement are all hot topics.

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