Iconic Game Cracking Group CODEX Shuts Down


Iconic Game Cracking Group CODEX Shuts Down

Scene cracking group CODEX is officially shutting down. The iconic tag has taken the cracking world by storm over the past eight years. The group was able to crack even the toughest copy protections, which instilled fear in many game publishers and respect among many of its peers.

codexFrom the day the first computer and video games were published, people have been able to pirate them.

In the early days that involved copying cassettes and floppy disks and today most unauthorized copying takes place over the Internet.

Over the past decades, a subset of gaming fans have united in Scene groups to ensure a steady stream of cracked games, i.e those that have had their protections removed. Dozens of these groups have come and gone but few managed to rule their niche like CODEX.

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