Iconic Fansubbing Site Legendas.tv Shuts Down Voluntarily


Iconic Fansubbing Site Legendas.tv Shuts Down Voluntarily

For more than sixteen years, Brazil’s Legendas.tv has been the go-to repository for Portuguese subtitles. Its reign has now come to an end after the popular site voluntarily closed its doors. Legendas’ operators stress that legal streaming services have made foreign content more accessible. At the same time, the site’s financial position has been deteriorating.

legendasEvery day, millions of people enjoy fan-made subtitles. These files help foreigners to better understand English entertainment and provide the hearing impaired with a way to comprehend audio.

These subtitles are often used in combination with pirated films or TV shows, a thorn in the side of entertainment industry companies, who see this as a threat to their business.

This was also the case with Legendas.tv, a Brazilian fansubbing community founded in 2006. For many Brazilians, Legendas (Portuguese for ‘subtitles’) was their first introduction to characters such as Jack Bauer, Michael Scofield and Hiro Nakamura.

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