Hollywood’s Latest Pirate Site Blocking Injunction Covers ‘Future Content’


Hollywood’s Latest Pirate Site Blocking Injunction Covers ‘Future Content’

The Delhi High Court in India has approved a new type of pirate site-blocking order, requested by Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, and other Hollywood studios. The novel ‘Dynamic+ injunction’ requires Internet providers to block access to ‘hydra-headed’ pirate sites, and covers copyrighted content that doesn’t yet exist.

back to the futureLike many other countries around the world, India’s copyright law allows rightsholders to limit access to pirate sites.

This legal tool is widely used by the major Hollywood studios. These companies regularly obtain injunctions that require local Internet providers to block websites to prevent piracy.

Over the years the nature of these court orders has evolved. The initial measures were straightforward, in the sense that they pointed out specifically which domains should be blocked. These later evolved into ‘dynamic’ versions, allowing rightsholders to add new domains and proxies whenever they are launched.

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