Hollywood to UK Govt: Investigating Pirates “Increasingly Difficult”


Hollywood to UK Govt: Investigating Pirates “Increasingly Difficult”

The UK government’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee is conducting an inquiry into the challenges faced by the film and high-end television industry. Submissions by the Motion Picture Association and member studios praise the UK for its “gold standard” IP framework but then complain that it’s becoming “increasingly difficult” to identify pirates using services in the UK.

movieDuring the summer the UK government announced a new inquiry to investigate what needs to be done to “maintain and enhance” the UK’s position as a global destination for film and television production.

Conducted by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, the inquiry invited submissions from stakeholders on numerous topics, including the identification of barriers to maintaining and increasing overseas investment. The UK currently encourages production in the UK through the provision of a generous tax relief framework which has paid out billions to companies ultimately owned by overseas entities.

The Committee sought input on what more could be done to further incentivize production in the UK. In their submissions, companies and their industry groups appear very keen for these financial incentives to continue, but many other areas are highlighted as either problematic or in need of attention.

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