Hollywood and Netflix Flag ‘Priority’ Piracy Threats


Hollywood and Netflix Flag ‘Priority’ Piracy Threats

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has submitted its latest overview of ‘notorious’ foreign piracy markets to the US Trade Representative. The Pirate Bay and other usual suspects secured entries and for the very first time, the MPA also highlights priority concerns; streaming site Fmovies, video hosting service DoodStream, plus IPTV software WHMCS Smarters.

pirate-flagOver the past two decades, online piracy has proven a massive challenge for the entertainment industries.

It’s a global issue that’s hard to contain, but various anti-piracy group are doing their best to fight back.

There’s a seemingly perpetual stream of takedowns, as evidenced by press releases that come out every week. However, some targets are particularly resistant to enforcement action and much harder to take offline.

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