HeHeStreams: Pirate IPTV Owner Admits Cybercrime, Forfeits $500K


HeHeStreams: Pirate IPTV Owner Admits Cybercrime, Forfeits $500K

The former operator of pirate IPTV service HeHeStreams has reached a plea agreement with the US government. After being indicted on several counts carrying sentences of up to 20 years each, Joshua Streit has admitted to a single cybercrime offense. In addition to a potential prison sentence, Streit will now forfeit $500K.

hackerThere are many options for those seeking a cheap pirate IPTV package but it’s rare for any single provider to offer consistently solid streams, in decent quality, and at a fair price. HeHeStreams was one of the few to exceed expectations.

With a focus on MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL content, HeHeStreams built an enthusiastic customer base so when it disappeared last year following an investigation by the Alliance for Creativity (ACE) and Motion Picture Association (MPA), obvious replacements were in short supply.

The same couldn’t be said about the controversy that was about to engulf HeHeStream’s owner.

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