Google Removes YouTube Rippers from UK Search Results


Google Removes YouTube Rippers from UK Search Results

Google has removed several popular YouTube rippers from its UK search results. The company took this action following a notice from local music group BPI, which pointed out that local ISPs are required to block the sites due to a High Court order. In response, Google voluntarily took the same action.

youtube sad errorLast year, the UK music industry claimed a major victory in its fight against online piracy.

Following a two-year process initiated by the British Recorded Music Industry Ltd (BPI) and Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), the High Court ordered major ISPs to block access to several YouTube rippers.

The order aims to make these sites, including Flvto and 2Conv, harder to reach. Many workarounds exist but rightsholders have been particularly frustrated by search engines such as Google including the domains in their results.

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