Google Removes ‘Pirate’ URLs from Users’ Privately Saved Links


Google Removes ‘Pirate’ URLs from Users’ Privately Saved Links

To date, Google has processed more than seven billion copyright takedown requests for its search engine. The majority of the reported links are purged from Google’s search index, as required by the DMCA. Recently, however, Google appears to gone a step further, using search takedowns to “moderate” users’ privately saved links collections,

googlesavedFor many people, Google is the go-to starting point when they need to find something on the web. With just a few keystrokes, the search engine can find virtually anything.

The company also has many other tools to browse and organize the web, including the Chrome browser and YouTube.

All these products and services fall under the umbrella of the company Alphabet. While the various departments are largely run separately, there is plenty of overlap too. This week, we stumbled upon information suggesting that DMCA notices, received for the search engine, directly impact people’s privately saved links.

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