Google Removed ‘Blocked’ Pirate Sites From UK Search Results


Google Removed ‘Blocked’ Pirate Sites From UK Search Results

In recent months, Google has removed all search results from popular pirate site domains in several countries. The search engine voluntarily deindexed these sites after it was informed about local ISP blocking orders. The removals have also reached the UK now but, interestingly, The Pirate Bay appears to have been overlooked by the rightsholders.

A few weeks ago we noticed that Google had removed several popular pirate sites from its search results.

It started with The Pirate Bay in the Netherlands. The controversial torrent site and many of its mirrors and proxies were deindexed by Google after a notice sent by local anti-piracy group BREIN.

BREIN informed the search engine that local Internet providers had been ordered to block the domains and asked Google to follow suit. While the search engine previously dismissed the notion of full domain removals, it chose to comply.

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