Google Deindexes ‘Pirate’ IP Addresses When Used to Circumvent Blocking


Google Deindexes ‘Pirate’ IP Addresses When Used to Circumvent Blocking

On top of billions of URL removals, at least 10,000 domains have already been deindexed and permanently removed from Google’s search results on copyright grounds. In response to some pirate sites ditching regular domains and publishing their IP addresses instead, Google is now deindexing by IP address when certain standards are met.

When people use search engines to find pirate sites or pirated content, the results they receive today represent a massively edited subset of what is actually out there.

In response to DMCA notices sent by rightsholders, billions of URLs have already been removed from Google’s search results. Every week, millions of new URLs are processed by Google and when individual domains are considered especially infringing, Google takes that as a downranking signal.

Rightsholders in many jurisdictions can obtain ISP blocking injunctions against substantially infringing sites but, in most cases at least, these have no direct effect on search results. Just over a year ago, everything changed.

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