Ghost Piracy: Work-From-Home Software Piracy Worries BSA


Ghost Piracy: Work-From-Home Software Piracy Worries BSA

The Software Alliance (BSA) is helping enforcement authorities in Southeast Asia to crack down on businesses that use unlicensed software. This includes “Ghost Piracy,” where work-from-home employees use pirated software remotely. This is a dangerous trend that, according to the BSA, can have disastrous consequences.

ghostOver the past decades, the Software Alliance (BSA) has helped major software companies including Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, and Microsoft, to fight against under-licensed businesses.

This has resulted in raids and audits at companies worldwide, with computers carefully inspected to see if the businesses have paid their dues.

The BSA often relies on tips from insiders, who can earn serious cash if their information pays off. In addition, the Software Alliance also works closely with law enforcement authorities around the world to keep piracy in check.

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