GeoComply Expands VPN ‘Piracy’ Detection By Blocking Residential IP-Addresses


GeoComply Expands VPN ‘Piracy’ Detection By Blocking Residential IP-Addresses

VPN detection service GeoComply helps rightsholders and streaming platforms ban so-called ‘geo pirates’, users who bypass geographical restrictions using online tools. Because some VPN providers use residential IP addresses to circumvent such restrictions, GeoComply is now blocking these as well. The company bills it as a revolutionary technology, but there might be a major downside too.

geoguardVPN services are a useful tool to protect internet users’ online privacy. In addition, they can also help to bypass geographical restrictions.

The latter can be helpful if people want to access the content library of a streaming service in another country. While this often goes against the terms of service, some VPNs openly advertise this feature.

This ‘geo piracy’ issue isn’t new. Netflix famously started blocking VPN users for this very reason seven years ago and other streaming providers have taken similar measures. These countermeasures are effective but far from perfect.

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