“Friends” Leaving Netflix Caused a Piracy Spike in The Netherlands


“Friends” Leaving Netflix Caused a Piracy Spike in The Netherlands

The final episode of the iconic TV show “Friends” aired nearly two decades ago, but it still has a loyal following. Piracy numbers are relatively modest but in the Netherlands, there was a significant spike in unauthorized downloads earlier this year after the series left Netflix. This one again shows that availability remains an important driver of piracy activity.

friendsFor online media consumers, things have improved significantly over the years. More content is made available globally than ever before.

In today’s on-demand society this is particularly important for new content. A geographical delay of a few days can be sufficient to drive some people to pirate sites.

Availability is not only important for new releases though as iconic movies and TV shows always stay in high demand. This also applies to the iconic sitcom “Friends,” which originally appeared on NBC between 1994 and 2004.

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