Free Google Play Alternative MicroG Framed in Bogus ‘Vanced’ DMCA Notices


Free Google Play Alternative MicroG Framed in Bogus ‘Vanced’ DMCA Notices

MicroG is a free-as-in-freedom alternative to proprietary Google services, including the Play Store. Vanced, a popular app that provided an ad-free YouTube experience, relied on microG to operate, something also true for successor ReVanced. In a scheme to damage microG and Vanced-style apps, imposters masquerading as microG have targeted almost two dozen sites with DMCA notices.

microgWith no serious threat of being held to account, the DMCA takedown notice system is seen by some as a mechanism to hurt rivals or sow chaos for unspecified reasons.

As part of TorrentFreak’s regular monitoring of the Lumen Database, an invaluable repository of DMCA notices received by Google and other platforms, we recently uncovered a particularly malicious attempt to frame a respected free and open-source project as the entity behind a series of bogus DMCA claims against almost two dozen sites.

The MicroG Project (microG) is a software development initiative that enables Android apps that rely on Google Play services to run without them. The people behind the project say that while Android is a Linux-based open-source operating system, increasing numbers of libraries and APIs are only available on devices that run proprietary Google software.

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