Free F1 Streaming Sites Latest Targets in French Piracy Blocking Campaign


Free F1 Streaming Sites Latest Targets in French Piracy Blocking Campaign

Following in the footsteps of football leagues and boxing promotions, Canal+ has obtained a court order compelling local ISPs to block dozens of sites accused of illegally streaming Formula 1 events. The order is the latest in a long line of anti-piracy actions in France, where fledgling regulatory body Arcom has added hundreds of domains to the country’s official blacklist in just a few months.

canal+ logoFaced with the impossibility of filing lawsuits against every single site offering content without a license, rightsholders all over the world are now fully invested in site blocking.

Whether the process begins with a court injunction or utilizes an administrative framework (or both), rightsholders are causing hundreds of sites and associated domains to be blocked by ISPs every month. Those seeking a clear and panoramic view of the scale of site blocking measures will find an opaque system, one that seems designed to limit how much information is made available to the public.

That being said, actions that begin in court can shine some light on who is obtaining blocking orders. In France, premium TV company Canal+ has reentered the fray with what appears to be the first injunction designed to reduce piracy of Formula 1.

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