Forwarding Piracy Warnings Violates Privacy Law, Dutch Court Rules


Forwarding Piracy Warnings Violates Privacy Law, Dutch Court Rules

Dutch Internet provider Ziggo doesn’t have to forward a piracy warning to a subscriber who stands accused of offering 200 e-books in an open directory. Anti-piracy group BREIN took the matter to court which concluded, for the second time, that ISPs need a license to process the personal information of alleged infringers.

anonymous cardSupported by Hollywood and other content industries, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has shuttered hundreds of pirate sites and services in recent history.

BREIN has also targeted several prolific BitTorrent uploaders and other infringers with success. However, tracking down and going after individual file-sharers is quite resource-intensive and the anti-piracy group aims to cast its net wider.

To expand its reach, the group previously obtained permission from the Dutch Data Protection Authority to track and store the personal data of alleged BitTorrent pirates. This request was granted and at the end of 2020, BREIN announced the start of its mass warning campaign.

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