Filmmakers Target Thousands of Alleged BitTorrent ‘Pirates’ in Canada


Filmmakers Target Thousands of Alleged BitTorrent ‘Pirates’ in Canada

The companies behind the movies “Ava” and “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” are targeting thousands of alleged BitTorrent pirates in Canada. The defendants, who are targeted through the Toronto federal court, can look forward to hefty settlement demands. While these types of cases are not new, they often remain under the radar.

canada flagPiracy lawsuits come in different shapes and sizes. Rightsholders can go after pirate site operators, ISPs, hosting companies, messenger apps, or CDN providers, for example.

Another option is to target the alleged pirates more directly in court. In those cases, they often offer a quick settlement to make the case go away.

These so-called “copyright trolling” efforts have been a common occurrence in countries around the world. This also applies to Canada, where many cases go unnoticed by the public at large, even when thousands of people are targeted.

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