Film Censors Given Powers to Remove Pirated Movies From YouTube, Telegram


Film Censors Given Powers to Remove Pirated Movies From YouTube, Telegram

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced on Friday that the country’s film censorship board has been given powers to remove pirated films from platforms like YouTube. Copyright holders, their agents, “and/or any other person” may file a complaint by filling in what appears to be a paper form. The Ministry adds that if the complainant isn’t a copyright holder or hasn’t been authorized by one, individual hearings may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

old-pirates-sIndia’s Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill was first introduced in 2019 with the aim of updating the Cinematograph Act, 1952, to better protect filmmakers.

In April 2023, India’s Union Cabinet gave the bill a green light and during July it was passed by both Houses of Parliament. The primary goal of these amendments is to reduce rampant online movie piracy, but also contains measures related to the certification of films. This ultimately determines the content that citizens are allowed to view and under what circumstances, and the content they must not view at all.

This process is handled by India’s powerful Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), a body within the government’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B). An announcement from the latter on Friday reveals new anti-piracy powers for the CBFC under the recently passed legislation.

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