Fakku Sends DMCA Takedown Request Targeting TorrentFreak


Fakku Sends DMCA Takedown Request Targeting TorrentFreak

Fakku is one of the few companies that succesfully transformed a ‘pirate’ operation into a legitimate business. After this transformation, the ‘hentai’ publisher started to crack down on pirate sites. With a recent takedown request, it went too far, flagging TorrentFreak for copyright infringement.

bad fakkuWhen Fakku launched 15 years ago, it was an aggregator for unlicensed scanlations of adult manga, also known as hentai.

The site’s founder, Jacob Grady, studied computer science in Massachusetts at the time and used student loans to pay the server bills of a site that was essentially a pirate operation.

Fakku never sought trouble with rightsholders though. It simply wanted to expand the manga niche to a broader audience by aggregating translations. That worked well as the platform kept growing.

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