Fake ‘YouTube’ DMCA Notices Exploit Suspension Fears to Install Malware


Fake ‘YouTube’ DMCA Notices Exploit Suspension Fears to Install Malware

To make their victims more compliant, online scammers often imply that something of value is under threat if immediate action isn’t taken. Bank accounts are often mentioned but nothing is off limits. A scam currently doing the rounds warns of copyright strikes on genuine YouTube accounts, but after targeting a security researcher, the scam’s secrets are now public.

youtube sad errorThe popularity of user-generated content sites like YouTube has led to millions of regular people becoming proud content creators in their own right.

Since YouTube content creators are also copyright holders, this can lead to a new perspective on the purpose of copyright law. To keep things running smoothly, content creators also need to respect any copyrights held by others.

Not doing so could lead to copyright complaints from third parties. If YouTube users receive three complaints, their accounts could be permanently suspended, taking all videos, views, subscribers, even creative momentum away. Fortunately, most careful YouTubers never experience copyright problems.

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