Extreme Weather Videographer Faces Copyright Infringement Hurricane


Extreme Weather Videographer Faces Copyright Infringement Hurricane

Billion-dollar entertainment industry companies often complain about widespread copyright infringement. However, some independent creators deal with similar problems on their own. Extreme weather photographer Brandon Clement faces hundreds of thousands of rip-offs on Facebook, YouTube, and elsewhere, leading to billions of misappropriated views.

cycloneIt’s likely that you’ve never heard of WxChasing, but you have almost certainly seen one of its videos.

The company is a one-man operation run by award-winning videographer Brandon Clement, who has a passion for documenting the extremes of Mother Nature.

Clement is one of the best in his field, something recognized by licensing deals with major media companies and coverage on National Geographic, Netflix, HBO, and the BBC. This exposure allowed the Mississippian to turn his hobby into a job.

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