ETTV Gone? The Iconic Pirate Group Has Quietly Disappeared


ETTV Gone? The Iconic Pirate Group Has Quietly Disappeared

Popular TV-torrent distribution group ETTV has vanished. The official site has been offline for more than a week and many bots already stopped uploading content to third-party sites weeks ago. ETTV has recovered from internal troubles in the past but, without a word from the admin, a comeback is not expected anytime soon.

ettv logoFive years ago, the torrent community was hit hard when the popular torrent site ExtraTorrent suddenly shut its doors.

The site provided a safe harbor for millions of file-sharers and was also the birthing ground for several popular releasers and distribution groups. This included ETTV, which is short for ExtraTorrent TV.

With its home gone, ETTV decided to carry on independently by launching its own website. Over the past years, this had grown out to become a medium-sized torrent site with a dedicated and vetted group of regular uploaders.

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