Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) Effectively Defeats Pirate Site Blocking


Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) Effectively Defeats Pirate Site Blocking

Cloudflare has enabled Encrypted Client Hello for all customers on free plans, which includes many pirate sites. The new privacy feature makes it impossible for Internet providers to track which websites subscribers visit. As a result, it also renders pirate site-blocking efforts useless, if both the site and the visitor have ECH enabled.

echWebsite blocking has become the go-to anti-piracy measure for the entertainment industries when tackling pirate sites on the internet.

The practice has been around for well over 15 years and has gradually expanded to more than forty countries around the world.

The actual blocking is done by Internet providers, often following a court order. These measures can range from simple DNS blocks to more elaborate schemes involving Server Name Indication (SNI) eavesdropping, or a combination of both.

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