EC Declines to “End Live Piracy Now” But Offers ‘Toolbox’ to Fight Illegal Streams


EC Declines to “End Live Piracy Now” But Offers ‘Toolbox’ to Fight Illegal Streams

The European Commission’s work program for 2023 contains significant disappointment for rights holders. In a call to action supported by over 100 organizations, the Commission was urged to deliver new law enabling the immediate takedown of pirated live streams. That is not going to happen for some time and rightsholders are not happy.

time running outRightsholders involved in the creation and distribution of live events say they are being undermined by massive online piracy. Illegal streams are immediately made available via websites and dedicated IPTV services on a scale that’s impossible to contain.

Earlier this month, over 100 rightsholders, organizations, and powerful media groups coordinated to demand action from the European Union via new law that would enable live streams to be taken down within minutes of detection and subsequent notification.

Groups and companies, including the MPA, UEFA, Premier League, beIN, LaLiga, Serie A, Sky, and BT Sport, were supported by less obvious participants such as the State Federation of Associations of Theatre and Dance, Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions, even the London Marathon.

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