€8.5m Copyright Infringement Verdict Against Vimeo Stands on Appeal


€8.5m Copyright Infringement Verdict Against Vimeo Stands on Appeal

The Rome Court of Appeal has confirmed that American streaming platform Vimeo must pay €8.5 million in copyright infringement damages to Italian broadcast giant Mediaset. The verdict centers around roughly 2,000 infringing videos that were uploaded to the platform. The Court affirms that Vimeo plays an “active role” and can’t hide behind a safe harbor defense.

vimeoVimeo is a New York-based video streaming platform that mostly targets business users.

The service has over a quarter billion registered users and monetizes its platform through subscriptions, pay-per-view videos, and advertisements.

Like many other online platforms, Vimeo is predominantly used for legitimate purposes. However, on occasion, its users also upload copyright-infringing content and if these videos are not rapidly removed, it can cause serious problems.

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