DSA: Google Reports Billions of Deletions on Google Play & Shopping


DSA: Google Reports Billions of Deletions on Google Play & Shopping

TorrentFreak can confirm a massive action against billions of content items reported under Europe’s Digital Services Act. On Google Play, thousands of apps have been removed following rightsholders’ copyright complaints, over 200,000 for other reasons. Other reports, over 13.5 billion of them and counting, include mass action against Google Shopping advertisers found in breach of agreed terms and conditions.

ec-droidLate last month we reported on the latest copyright claim data made available by YouTube. In the first half of 2023, YouTube said it processed 980 million Content ID claims, a 25% increase compared to a year earlier.

Given the upward trajectory, soon there will be a billion Content ID copyright claims every six months, which rounds to over two billion claims every year. To put that into perspective, if the world currently has five billion-odd internet users, that’s enough for 20% of the entire internet population to receive two copyright complaints per person, every 12 months.

Coincidentally, reports suggest that YouTube has around two billion active users already.

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