DNS Block: Canal+ Sues Cloudflare, Google & Cisco to Fight Piracy


DNS Block: Canal+ Sues Cloudflare, Google & Cisco to Fight Piracy

When broadcaster Canal+ obtained injunctions to block popular sports streaming sites including Footybite and Streamcheck, French ISPs were required to implement DNS blocking. In response, some users switched to third-party DNS providers, a hole that Canal+ now wants to plug. Through a lawsuit filed at a Paris court, the broadcaster hopes to compel Cloudflare, Google, and Cisco to implement similar DNS blocking measures.

The music industry obtained a pioneering injunction to compel Danish ISPs to implement site-blocking measures back in 2006.

The goal was to limit access to unlicensed Russian music download platform AllofMP3, but the action also represented the thin end of a site-blocking wedge still being tapped in today.

Broadcaster and site-blocking proponent Canal+ believes that when service providers implement technical measures to prevent access to pirate sites, that helps to reduce piracy rates. Unfortunately, online roadblocks reliant on technical tweaks always run up against other technical tweaks designed to circumvent them.

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