DMCA Takedowns Target Torrent Release of ‘Dark and Darker’ Playtest


DMCA Takedowns Target Torrent Release of ‘Dark and Darker’ Playtest

Following a Steam ban over potential copyright problems, Korean game developer studio Ironmace decided to use BitTorrent for the latest playtest release of its highly anticipated game Dark and Darker. The torrent release was a massive success but also triggered new disputes, including a swift Twitter takedown, which the devs hope to overcome with Base64 encoding.

dark darkerUpcoming first-person shooter game Dark and Darker is scheduled to launch later this year, but even at this early stage it’s causing controversy.

Last month, police in South Korea raided the offices of local game studio Ironmace. According to reports, the developers allegedly stole assets from their former employer, game publisher Nexon, which is allegedly working on a similar project too.

A few days later, Nexon sent a DMCA takedown notice to Valve, asking it to remove the Dark and Darker project from Steam. The detailed takedown notices accused Ironmace of copyright infringement and stealing trade secrets.

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