DMCA Scammers Exploit Sites Linked to Mental Health Issues to Boost SEO


DMCA Scammers Exploit Sites Linked to Mental Health Issues to Boost SEO

A fake law firm is currently sending emails to sites, many of them linked to mental health issues, claiming that copyright infringements have been found and need to be rectified. Recipients are told that by including a credit and a link to a domain, no further action will be taken. The entire scheme is a massive scam but could be facing its last few hours of life.

scamFor website operators trying to get information into the public eye, the last thing they need are legal threats claiming that they’ve infringed someone’s copyrights.

Copyright lawsuits have a reputation of being expensive to defend so, when threatened, most people take the easiest way out. A new wave of copyright complaints being sent out right now offer an extremely easy off-ramp for supposed infringers. That’s because the scammers behind it actually want people to take that route.

In March 2022, Richard Byrne of uncovered a scam in which website operators were informed by supposed law firm Arthur Davidson Legal that they’d infringed copyright in an image and a lawsuit could follow. However, if the recipient simply linked to a domain and posted a credit on their site, the matter would be closed.

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