Disney Pulls TV Channels From Vietnam, Govt. “Concerned” Piracy Will Run Riot


Disney Pulls TV Channels From Vietnam, Govt. “Concerned” Piracy Will Run Riot

A newspaper run by the Communist Party of Vietnam is reporting the “disappearance” of a number of popular channels from pay TV packages. Citing National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild as examples, the paper notesthey’re owned by Disney. Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications is said to be “concerned” that the withdrawal will allow piracy to run rampant in Vietnam. Multiple high-level trade reports in the U.S. note that piracy has been rampant for years.

disneyGiven the sheer scale and reach of pirate sites either operated from Vietnam, or with direct connections to Vietnam, describing the country as a global piracy problem wouldn’t be a stretch.

After being briefed by Hollywood for the umpteenth time, that’s certainly the view of the United States government. Yet despite reported progress, including an overhaul of Vietnam’s copyright laws and promises to crack down on piracy, including the formation of a specialist anti-piracy unit, nothing has had any visible effect.

However, turn off a few legal TV channels inside Vietnam and suddenly piracy is a real concern.

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