Digital Textbook Pirate Handed Suspended Prison Sentence


Digital Textbook Pirate Handed Suspended Prison Sentence

Following an investigation carried out by Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, a man from Denmark has been handed a suspended prison sentence for digital textbook piracy. The case was referred to the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic Crime (SØIK) after the 28-year-old man was given the opportunity to stop his activities but carried on regardless.

ebook readerPublishers around the world regularly engage in various actions aimed at preventing the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of academic publications and eBooks.

From repeated visits to court to implement site blocking in the UK to lawsuits targeting entities such as Sci-Hub, the approach is sustained, multipronged, and has no fear of tackling smaller players either.

For the past several years, Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has been tracking down individuals said to have profited from the sale of pirated textbooks. These can be controversially expensive items that the majority of students have no choice but to purchase legally. However, there are those who have made cottage industries out of the sale of illegal copies at significantly lower prices.

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