Delayed Megaupload Lawsuits Get Assigned to Ninjavideo Judge


Delayed Megaupload Lawsuits Get Assigned to Ninjavideo Judge

More than ten years after Megaupload was shut down, the RIAA and MPA are still waiting for their chance to request damages in their civil lawsuits. With the criminal prosecution still pending, another delay has been granted. In a new twist, both cases are now reassigned to the judge who also convicted several NinjaVideo staffers.

megauploadMore than a decade has passed since the file-storage empire of Kim Dotcom collapsed and Megaupload became the prime target in a high-profile law enforcement operation.

Aside from Andrus Nomm’s plea deal and conviction, progress in the criminal proceedings against Megaupload’s founder and former associates is slow.

The United States has asked New Zealand to extradite Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, but the German-born entrepreneur and his former colleagues are fighting the request tooth and nail.

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