‘Criminal’ VPN Shut Down By Europol and International Law Enforcement


‘Criminal’ VPN Shut Down By Europol and International Law Enforcement

Joint action by Europol and law enforcement authorities in ten countries has shut down VPNLab, a VPN service said to have been used to commit cybercrimes including malware distribution and ransomware campaigns. The service’s domain now displays a seizure banner claiming the service’s involvement in major international cyber attacks.

vpnlabIn common with all communications systems such as telephone networks, internet service providers and even email, VPN services can be used by honest citizens and criminals alike.

In terms of staying within the boundaries of the law, the important factor is whether the communications provider or service actively and knowingly encourages or facilitates illegal activities. According to an announcement by Europol, VPN provider VPNLab appears to have overstepped the mark.

Historical visitors to the VPNLab.net website were previously greeted with the kind of message associated with many privacy-focused services.

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