Court Orders WhatsApp To Block Groups Sharing Pirated Newspapers


Court Orders WhatsApp To Block Groups Sharing Pirated Newspapers

India’s largest newspaper publishing group has filed a complaint at the Delhi High Court against dozens of defendants said to have illegally offered its copyrighted publications via WhatsApp. The full case will be heard next year but in the interim, WhatsApp is required to take down or block the infringing groups.

whattsappSharing copyrighted content online is certainly nothing new but over the years the sharing mechanisms have expanded to incorporate new methods of distribution.

Where once peer-to-peer services were the obvious choice, these days people also utilize platforms such as WhatsApp, Discord and Facebook, which add social elements to the sharing experience by bringing like-minded people together, often around a central topic.

This is proving to be a problem at DB Corp Ltd, India’s largest newspaper publishing group. The company publishes five newspapers with 61 editions but when people illegally share its digital content online, its ability to generate revenue comes under threat, the publisher says.

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