Court Dismisses AimJunkies’ Hacking Claims Against Bungie


Court Dismisses AimJunkies’ Hacking Claims Against Bungie

A federal court in Seattle has dismissed the hacking and DMCA circumvention claims filed by AimJunkies against game developer Bungie. The cheat seller filed the claim in a retaliatory move after it was sued for copyright infringement relating to Destiny 2 hacks. The order is a clear win for Bungie, but the legal dispute is not over yet.

aimjunkiesLast year, Bungie filed a complaint at a federal court in Seattle, accusing of copyright and trademark infringement, among other things.

The same accusations were also made against Phoenix Digital Group, the alleged creators of the ‘Destiny 2’ cheating software.

AimJunkies denied the claims and argued that cheating isn’t against the law. In addition, it refuted the copyright infringement allegations; these lacked substance because some of the referenced copyrights were registered well after the cheats were first made available, AimJunkies said.

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